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Yes, your Lowe's "expert" was not only ill informed, but not paying much attention. Why would you care about your mortar "setting" on drywall paper when 1.) you're not tiling over drywall paper, you're tiling over paint, and 2.) you're not using "mortar" at all (but I think you should be).
Originally Posted by Cookie
I can test this grout but I have to open the bag to mix a little peanut butter sample, but if it doesn't work then I'm out that $13 for that grout, can't take back an open bag! But I guess that's better than putting the wrong stuff on the wall.
Yep, cheap test.
Originally Posted by Cookie
My plan is to use a quarter of one of the sheets, enhance it, then use the SimpleSet to mount it to a piece of wood, let it dry overnight, then mix up some Butter Cream and plop it onto the tile, then let that dry.
I would suggest you not use wood as your test board, but use a scrap of sheetrock, preferably painted sheetrock, to get your test as close to your actual conditions as possible.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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