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Thanks for the reply Bob! With regards to your last question about moving into the model home, well its funny you should mention that because the model home is only 3 doors down from my house and I go there quite often to take measurements and such and the agents in the office said the same thing However, the wall behind the tiled backsplash is drywall I'm sure, and the tub box is covered with 5/8" plywood - this I just confirmed with the builder.....

1) Just to clarify your point #1 about leaving the joint between the backerboard and drywall underneath the tile: I plan to tile up the wall 16", so it is ok to cut out the drywall to 14" high and then replace with a 14" high piece of backerboard and then the joint will be 2" below the top edge of the tile which is ok because water shouldn't be an issue this high up the wall. However, where the top edge of the tub meets tile will be protected with backerboard underneath...

2) If I end up cutting the poly vapor barrier underneath the drywall is it ok to just tape up the cut marks?

3) The backer board should stop about 1/4" above the top edge of the tub correct?

4) On the 2 outside front corners of the tub where the backsplash tile meets the top deck tile is it ok for the backerboard to extend down those couple of inches so that it meets the strip of backerboard that I will put along the top deck of the box that runs along the front edge of the tub? I was thinking a 1/8" gap between the 2 pieces at the 90 degree joint and then use tape and thinset to fill the gap similar to 2 pieces next to each other on the floor.....

5) You mentioned a tub flange kit which I will look for....but what I am picturing is that this gets fastened to the back edges of the tub that run along the wall, and then does the top of the flange extend upwards so that it is under the bottom edge of the backeboard and then all sealed up with caulk?

I will take the plywood off of the tub box and replace with 1/2" backerboard. The box framework as well as the small portion of top deck that runs along the front edge of the tub is covered with 5/8" thick plywood. I just received an email from the builder confirming this...


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