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DIY bathroom question

Hi everybody,
I'm building a house through a builder and I will be doing the tiles in the 2 upstairs bathrooms after closing as well as the tiles on the soaker tub box and deck and the 2 walls that form the backsplash for the tub.

The builder will be leaving the floor as the current subfloor for me, they used 3/4" thick or 23/32" thick OSB nailed and screwed to 2x8 joists 16" o.c. They are also going to do a "light" install on the vanitys to facilitate removal so that I can tile under the vanity's as well.

I plan to use 1/2" Hardie backer board or similar for the floor tiles - this will give me a 3/4" or so floor height to accomodate future 3/4" thick hardwood floors in the bedroom and hallways....

Couple of things reagarding the ensuite bath:

1. regarding the 2 walls that form the tub backsplash: because I'm doing the tile work I am guessing that they drywalled right up to 1/4" or so above the top edge of the tub....I should probably cut out the drywall to a height of 18" above the tub deck and then install 1/2" Hardie in its place and then tile up the wall to a height of 16" or 17"? This won't be an area exposed to constant water but I'm still a little leary tiling over drywall that close to the tub, the tub is installed in the corner of the bathroom. You will see what I mean with the included photos...

2. regarding the tub box and tub deck: I think they will close off the frame work with plywood....I don't want to install the tiles directly over the plywood (again being concerned about water) so I was going to use 1/4" Hardie but my concern here is that the finished product will become too thick....around 1/2" thick by the time I am finished with the cement board, thinset and tile, especially on the end of the box next to where the double vanity will be installed and I don't know if there will be an issue with fit when reinstalling the vanity, picture 1 and 4 show what I am referring to..
Should I remove the plywood if in fact that is what is closing off the tub box and then replace with 1/4" cement board and tile over that? This will help to keep the box from becoming too thick.

I mentioned I THINK its going to be drywall right to the tub and then plywood for the box because the last time I was in the house, which is when these pictures were taken, the walls had not been closed off and the tub box was still open frame work and I haven't been in since, hopefully this week I can go in and see....

I have attached some pictures to clarify what I am talking about. The pictures of the unfinished product are that of my house. The pictures of the finished product are that of the model home which is exactly the same as my house.

The main bath is less of a challenge because the tub in there is a one piece acrylic mirolin with one piece acrylic surround so for the floors I will use 1/2" backer installed a 1/4" from the base of the tub and then caulk or silicone the gap once finished with the tiles.

I was also thinking about radiant floor heating for these 2 bathrooms, something along the lines of suntouch mats....

I guess i can only upload 5 files for this post, so these 5 show my ensuite prior to completion but it gives you an idea of the 2 walls on either side of the tub - those are outside walls, and then the tub box itself..
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