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Ran the Deflecto calculator and here are my results:

Thank you for using the John Bridge Forums Deflect-O-Lator :-)

For joists that are Unknown wood, but in good condition, 9.25 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, 16 inches on center, and 12.5 feet long between supports, the deflection calculated is 0.389 inches.

This translates to a deflection of L / 386.

Since the maximum deflection for tile is L / 360, and for natural stone is L / 720, your floor is rated for Ceramic tile, Congratulations!


The tile I am putting down on the floor is Edilgres Tibet Taupe if that is meaningful in any way. The tiles are 32.8mm x 32.8mm and 10.0mm thick. 57lb per 12 tiles so each one is 4.75lb.

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