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Another milestone complete. I've installed the new subfloor as well as laying another layer 3/4" ply. That gives me 1 1/2" over the joists and then when I add the CBU over the non-shower part, that's give me 1 3/4" which matches the old elevation and transition to the bedroom when the floor tile goes down.

I also framed the inset medicine cabinet and the shower niche. Before the sheetrock goes in this coming weekend, I will be installing the curb, shower glass supports in the side walls, the better bench blocking in the rear wall and the reworked electrical boxes.

What occured to me after I framed in the niche is what should I use for the back wall of the niche and should that have been attached before I framed it in. The sheetrock exposed is the back of a wall in the master bedroom and I dont think adhering the kerdi and tile to a wall not attached to the niche is a good idea. What have others used a back wall to their niches?

Picture coming, I promise.

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