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I started the rough plumbing this weekend. Frustrating. When I have plumbed before, I sweated copper. This time I went with PEX because of the ease of use and supposed time savings. What a PITA. I sweated the female PEX adapters to the existing copper just fine. Installed the remaining lines and got the plumbing back to a point that I could turn on the main and check. Looked fine. Let it sit overnight and a small, and I mean a small, leak occurred on two elbow joints. So I cut them out and reset the connections. In order to do that though, I had to cut the other ends of both lines. The original leaks were resolved, however two new leaks occurred at the opposite ends. So after 3 cuts and resets on the second end due to leaks, the lines are back together. I'm still not confident with one of the connections where I had the original leak. I put in new connectors at each location, so everything is new, nothing re-used. I noticed on connectors that have been re-used, that when the crimps are cut off, notches get cut in the rings on the connectors. I think those notches contributed to the continuous leaks on one end.

I haven't checked the connections yet this morning but if there are leaks, I'm ripping out all the PEX and going with copper throughout. Part of me wants to rip it out and start all over anyway. My confidence in PEX is very low. Most likely it's my lack of skill with PEX but nonetheless on total, I don't feel good about it. As progress stands now, I've completed half of what I wanted this past weekend.

Thanks for the vent. Updates as they unfold.

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