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Seems to me if a Shluter drain grate is the only thing you'll accept, the logical choice would be to build a Kerdi shower and use the Schluter drain, non?

There is no need to level the floor for a tile installation. The tiles don't care a whit about level, they care only about flat. The larger the tiles, the more they care. The industry standard for flatness for tiles the size you have is no deviation from intended plane of more than 1/8th" in ten feet nor 1/16th" in two feet.

You do not want to fill any 3/4" deviations in your subfloor with thinset mortar. In fact, thinset mortar is not to be used for "truing or flattening the work of others" in any case, but many installers do some of that.

I'm not familiar with the various Ardex products.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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