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Depends on what's causing the bow, and how many joists are bowed.

Did your tape roll perpendicular to the joists, or parallel?

You could also use a string stretched across the room to get an idea of where the slope is. You'd have to do it in multiple areas and directions to get the full picture.

Quickest way to fix a bowed joist would be to remove the subfloor in that area, sister the joist, then replace the subfloor. That could conceivably be done in a day or so, depending on what has to be moved out of the room, and what floor covering you have now.

Another way would be to use a foundation jack to push the joist back up into place. But that would take some time, because the joist won't straighten back up overnight. You'd be moving it a fraction of an inch every day or two. Then you'd have to sister it or support it from below to keep it from sagging again.

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