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Welcome back, Rich,

1) Yes. But Schluter wants the DH covered with Kerdi.

2) Since you have only 1 1/8" you don't have much choice if you want to stick with the curbless shower. Given the drain location and the size a mud bed covered with Kerdi would be an option if it were not for the thickness requirements of the mud. Depending on how thick the Kerdi pan is at the drain opening, the 72" long center drain pan might meet the 1/4" per foot of slope requirement. But that'll be true only if your subfloor happens to be super-duper level.

Also, though the foam pan is only 1 1/4" you must factor in at least 1/16" for the mortar that it is set in. additionally, you'll need to add another 3/32nd's ish for the mortar and Kerdi over the DH if you really want that heated shower floor.

3) See 2

4) Trendy, and quite nice looking really. From w2hat I've read here suction cups will be necessary, and will work if the tile surface is smooth. A tile leveling/lippage control system will probably be quite helpful, as well as a slant notch trowel.

5) Agreed that it'll be a challenge, but someone with a lot more experience setting those will be better placed to offer ideas.
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