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Thanks for the advice.

The dry wall wasn't contiguous. It was cut and separated (and therefore, flexed) at the countertop. I think that happened during the countertop installation, but as I said, I had a problematic drywall install (long story).

As far as CBU versus sheetrock behind stone, I realize that pro's would run this stuff over sheetrock seven days a week. I'm just not comfortable with that. I've seen so many snapped drywall screws (and in this situation, missing screws).

Blocking is a problem. I'll slip a backing in a couple of areas where blocking is weak, to meld the drywall to the CBU. I can't do that where I can't reach the drywall (below the countertop). There are three "cells" where I have vertical pipes preventing me from adding a block, and one that has a vertical 2x4 (i.e. leading edge of a rear wall) doing the same. It's just two very busy walls. I've got a third section yet to do, where the sheetrock is in better shape. However, I have to open part of that to do some electrical work, so I may or may not replace the sheetrock with CBU there.

I'm going to literally lay the CBU down on the kitchen island, and map out my screw pattern, to ensure I don't put a screw through an electrical line, drain, vent, water pipe, HVAC vent, or any other place that doesn't like screws (there are so many options to choose from! ).

(Also, don't worry, the countertop, stove, and cabinets will be covered before I install anything.)
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