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Master Bath Complete Tear Out

Hello All,

Like many I found my way to this great resource while researching my own job. Thanks for being here! As mentioned in the thread tile I’m remodeling our master bath, removing tub and stealing a little extra space from a adjacent hallway closet giving me more space for walk-in shower. The home is built on a concrete slab. The desired layout dictated that I relocate/move the tub (now shower drain) and toilet flange about 15”.

That’s been done and I ended up removing a large section of the old cast iron mainline and tying in PVC. All remaining lines up have also been changes to PVC including vent to roof. This has been inspected and passed by the City along with electrical rough-in. I was present for these and the City Inspector seemed to be very thorough.

My question or concern comes from the shower area build and of course it’s water proofing. The area framed out including wood frame bench and curb. Shower pan pre-slope established and Oatey 40 mil pan liner installed. Aquabar B has been stapled to the studs and Hardie Backer on top of that. The Hardie Board seams have received mesh tape and joint compound, they used VersaBond Fortified thin set. All screws were also covered then all surfaces treated with RedGard.

The installer has planned to have the Hardie Board buried in the deck mud and after discovering this I told him this was not correct. The deck mud should be done first then the Hardie Backer which should then be at least 1/4” away/above the mudded shower floor. So so tear out and redo needs to happen and this being the case I thought this a good opportunity to post here for comments and advise.
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