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I'll give you an answer for #3, but I'll defer to others for answering q's 1-2.

For q 3: Wedi calls for the use of a modified thinset mortar meeting ANSI 118.4 requirements when installing a membrane to overlap into the Fundo Lingo shower base. The membrane should reach 4" inside the shower base and the last two inches should be embedded in a full bed of Wedi sealant 620 (this prevents the capillary wicking you spoke of). The membrane should reach 3' outside the base (or wherever the expected splash area is to be). They also call for the membrane to be flashed up the walls a minimum of 2". Using Ditra heat, you may have some issues with the height of the pan to Ditra connection that I'd be sure to work out before setting the pan to ensure they're flush with each other. I also suggest downloading a copy of the latest Wedi technical handbook and reviewing the Fundo Lingo installation instructions starting on page 27.
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