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Blocking and pony wall construction tips?

Hello! I have the walls open in my current bathroom remodel and I'm waiting for subs. I'm wondering about blocking and pony wall methods: First, how do others go about making sure a pony wall is strong? I have always screwed it together and to the floor and used premium PL on connections and coverings. What do others do? Blocking- I plan to install lots of blocking in this bathroom and wonder about the strength of 3/4" plywood? Does it provide the required 250 lbs of strength? Are there rules that require solid wood and prohibit plywood? Seems like plywood is strong and leaves space for insulation, but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance! BTW- for anyone following this thread, it turned out the tile floor I removed was set on 5/8 plywood underlayment and it was a LOT of work with a sledge hammer to chip the tile off with glancing blows and then unscrew the underlayment. Glad that's over! Thanks for all input so far!
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