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In the meantime of reading and posting I got the Ditra prefilled with All-Set.
So, progress is being made. Next comes chalking out my lines and testing layout I suppose.

Next question I have read and read about trowels for 12x24.
I see some recommending a 1/2 then others say 1/4x3/8
So, I tested a piece of my tile with the 1/4x3/8 tile back buttered.
100% coverage it seemed.
I have checked my tile and it has lil to no perceived cupping when stood back to back and ends pinched.
What you tile gurus say?

I did watch the Schluter video where he did same size tile with 1/4x3/8 and it was excellent coverage.

If I am getting 100% coverage with the 1/4x3/8 is the 1/2 any benefit?
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