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Not very masculine? Mrs. Mike might have a say in that.
It’s just me as I am divorced and my son has moved out on his on.
No worries it’s all good.

Thanks, SS3964SPD I will look into the tile consistency.

On a side note I did get my Ditra down today. Kinda messy as it was my first go with Ditra but, mixed it thin but, still held a notch good.
It stayed stuck down real nice (added some extra weight as precaution as I am anal like that)
Really liked working with the ALL-SET. Should like it even better for setting since I can make it not quite so thin.

Also, I plan on prefilling Ditra squares in a few days. I have been told that’s ok by Ditra regional rep. But, I have also heard some have experienced like slight flaking off of plastic top when doing that. Will that be an issue with the All-SET if flat edged troweled in smooth?
Would it be wise just to fill squares as I trowel for tile.
Any advantage of one technique over the other?

Thanks for everyone’s input/advice and as progress continues I will post.

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