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Thanks CX...

If we have to we can do the lower part of the wall with 33% Overlap...

But that complicates things in terms of the upper wall design, as until install time we can't know if the diamonds will work, but if they don't because of lippage, the 16X16" tiles will already have been bought for that pattern... I guess we have to decide if it's worth the risk...

OK a different question.

We would like to use a marble pencil above and below the accent strip (the porcrelain tile simulates marble), at least outside of the tub/shower combo area (not sure if it would be a good idea in the shower/tub combo).

Outside the shower the top pencil would be the cap to transition to bare wall.

But we don't want it to stick out too much- both for looks and because the bathroom is narrow. I don't think we want a depth more than 1/2" at most.

Do pencil tiles come in different depths (distance sticks out from the wall)?

Typically when I see pencil dimensions, only 2 are listed.. In the type marble pencil we are interested in (Diana Royal) I see them listed as either 12"X 1/2" or 12" X 3/4". The 12" is obviously length

Does the second dimension refer to the depth or the height? If it is the height, is the depth standard? If not is there a standard relationship between height and depth?


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