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Entirely up to you what you tile over, Stephanie, but Dan asked for clarification of that first layer of subflooring because it is deficient, not meeting tile industry standards nor even likely your building code. We know it does not have T&G edges because you'll not find center-matched edges on engineered wood of that thickness. Essentially, that layer simply doesn't count at all, but is in the way.

The quarter-inch plywood your tile was attached to may, or may not be of a type specifically intended as a ceramic tile underlayment. If it's just an exterior glue plywood, that's also a problem. But if your previous tile installation survived, it all apparently worked one time. I would absolutely not recommend you try to make it work again, but that's entirely up to you.

Your joist structure, as described, is deficient also unless you can determine that the joists are of a very good species, grade, and condition of lumber.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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