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mud it

Nail off the floor to tight en up the 1x6s Nail down tar paper and self furring galvanized meta lath Get the heaviest most rigid lath you can find 3.4# or as close to that as possible..Mix up 4 to 1 concrete sand to pure portland with about 2/3 water 1/3 mortar admix (Laticrete 3701 is good ) to a dry pack consitency. Off the high spot put down 3/4 inch maybe a bit less and set spots of dry pack at the entire perimeter with levels and straight edges: using the original high spot mud as leveling spot for all the the succeeding mud work. Quite honestly I cant say I have ever in over 40 years come across a better method to attain a level, flat, structurally integral floor for tile or stone.

If nervous about strength install install a sheet of Ditra or comparable product over the mud in a day or so after mud dries some.

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