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If the subfloor is not rotten, the best advice is to not touch it. Even if the house is not level it is happy the way it is and the subfloor is part of it. If the floor is sloped from the bathroom entrance the fix is very easy. I deal with that all the time and I use the 1/4" Hardiebacker sandwich. You gradually build until everything is in level and in the end cover it with a final layer of Hardiebacker. The sandwich is much better than any leveling compound. The leveling compound could crack due to an unstable foundation. If the house is already settled then it's important to also look and see if the foundation needs any waterproofing for stabilization.
In my picture, you can see the way we build a curbless walk-in shower that needs a lower subfloor for the shower slope. In this case, we already had the slope because the house was unlevel so we simply leveled the rest of the bathroom around it.
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