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Old House Reno: Two Bathrooms, Many Problems to Solve

The missus and I bought a fixer-upper and are doing a bunch of renovations prior to moving in. Both bathrooms have been completely gutted so we have a blank slate. Old house.. almost nothing plumb or level. [emoji41]

First retrofitting question to arise is the floor in the small downstairs bathroom. Planning on making a mud pan for the shower and waterproofing with Kerdi. Floor outside the shower will be small hex tile.

The current subfloor slopes considerably—about 1.75” over 6’ and I’m weighing options for leveling it and trying to decide whether to remove the existing subfloor and sister-in new joists, or put down an additional layer of plywood and then pour a self-leveling compound. The floor joists are 2x8s, 16” OC—old framing so they are true 2x8s. The current subfloor is the original 1” floorboards.

What are the pros and cons of self-leveler vs. ripping up the old floor? Laticrete NXT level or something similar is attractive if it saves us time putting in new joists, but if there are compelling reasons to start fresh, I’m all ears.

Big gratitude to the folks on this site for taking the time to answers the many questions of us mere mortals! [emoji6]

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