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I'm back with another question... We are planning to get a granite top for the vanity and have 4 shelves cut from the remnant for the vanity to put in the tub/shower combo. I want the shelves to have a rounded front.

My question relates to how such shelves are typically measured and how much of the shelf winds up behind the tile.

The tub will be 60x32" alcove which for us would be typically used for showers, so not a lot of depth.

While I want the shelves to be big enough to put stuff on (the type we chose can't have anything on the ledges because of the design), I don't want them to stick out far enough to bump into them or be a hazard in the shower.

We we have spoken to people at granite places. Whenever I say I think I want 8" shelves, they keep suggesting 9" shelves which seems a bit big.. but one guy told us that about one inch winds up being the tile... is that right? If not, how deep are such shelves usually set?

Also I just realized I don't know if we are talking apps and oranges with these people.... How are these shelved measured?

A shelf like that would have 2 equal size straight sides at 90 degrees with a rounded front for the rest of the perimeter.

Would the 9 inches be the length of the straight sides, or from the corner to the center of the rounded side?

For this type of Alcove tub/shower what size shelves are typically used in tiled alcove?

- Karen

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