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Thanks All,

I decided to go with a smaller sink so the tile can sit on the granite top - which is likely best anyway.

But now I have another tile related question.

I am planning to tile part way up the wall all around the whole bathroom outside the shower and to the ceiling (and the ceiling!) in the shower.

At the top of the base tile (which will be porcelain and NOT rectified) I plan and to have a 4" tall boarder bounded by pencil above and below.
The boarder as discussed previously is made from travertine pieces on mesh which make a "wave" pattern... Not exactly a mosaic, but along the same idea except it is separate pieces making up a pattern.

The rest of this here i am surmising based on what I have read and may be wrong about there being an issue here...

The thing is the gaps in the some parts of the Wave pattern are large enough from I've read to need sanded grout...

So what is the issue? Sanded grout is likely needed for the base porcelain tile too

Well the pencil I wanted to use is marble and from what I have read would be scratched if sanded grout was used ...

With the tile below it and the wave border needing it, it seems to me bounding the border with scratchable marble pencil could be an issue...

Is what I am wanting to do impractical? Can sanded and unsanded grouts be used in combination like that?

in case what I am planning is not clear, i am including to scale drawing of what I am thinking about..

The blackish areas on the wave boarder are what needs to be filled with grout.

If that boarder is problem would it be OK to use a mosaic that can use unsanded grout for the pencils and the boarder, and sanded for the porcelain tile? (though in tub/shower teh porcelain tile would be above the upper pencil too)

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