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The existing circuit serves 1 outdoor receptacle and 3 bathroom (one is a powder room, and the basement bath got it's own when I finished it years ago)receptacles, all through a 15A GFCI breaker and 14/2 wiring. To code in 1980, but evidently not so much now.

If I'm reading it right, current code wants a dedicated 20A GFCI per bathroom, and current code must be applied if any significant changes are made to the room. In other words, if you're simply doing a remove and replace no need to comply.

I did have the forethought to pull an extra 12/2 into the attic years ago when I was in the process of doing the basement. So my original plan was to use that one for the floor, leave all the bathroom lights on their existing circuit, and use the existing 15A GFCI as it is.

Then I found out about the dedicated 20A GFCI code. So I resolved myself to pulling another 12/2, and decided it is barely more difficult to pull 2 of them at the same time, and only 50.00 ish more. So two 100 ft rolls of 12/2, some careful measuring and routing, a day and a half of work, and wham - plenty of juice.

I did speak with one of the inspectors a bit ago, who confirmed there's no problem with the wiring being in the wall with the plumbing - so long as they are not touching. By the time I snake them into the attic and drop them back down into the necessary stud bays I'll have used almost every foot of that 12/2 pair!

Thanks for everyone's input, much appreciated.
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