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The Tanning Salon......

It's a Looooooong story.

The short version is the salon was a project for my wife. We opened it in 1995 and in 1997 she decided that she didn't want to stay married to me. She wanted to keep the salon, the condo, the new car, and leave me with the bills.

In the end, I kept the bills, and the property.

If it had been my choice I'd have opened a hardware store, or a computer store.

Rather than go bankrupt, I've stuck with the Tanning Salon. It usually pays the bills, and I'm about to the point where I can sell it and not loose too much money.

So--- If you want to give me a handle,,, Probably should leave the tanning out!



In retrospect, divorcing her was the best thing to happed for a long while.

Otherwise, I never would have met Martha! And we are GOOD for each other!
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