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Polished marble finish problem

Hi I'm Jim. This is my first time posting on this site. I have installed tons of very kind of tile over the years. For the past few days I have been installing a a chocolate color polished marble. So finally today it was grout day. This tile is polished to a beautiful high gloss. So I used unsanded Mapei grout. I used unsanded because my joints are 1/16". After waiting about 30 mins I damp sponged off the residue. Then after it hazed again in about 15 mins I damp sponged again. It all looked incredible. The after about 30 minutes when the surface of the tile had dried I couldn't believe my eyes. Many of the formerly highly polished time now had leopard like spots that looks nearly like I had applied muriatic acid. In other words the polished surface was now dulled and nearly etched. I tried vigorous rubbing and even tried a razor blade thinking maybe it was just a stubborn residue. Anyway I'm having a stressed day because of this. And for the record I have installed this exact same color marble with the exact same grout years ago with no problem. And lastly I did not seal the tile before grouting. Nor did I ever seal before grouting. I know this is a long-winded message but if any of you have an idea on how to restore the shine or moreover a clue to what happened to cause this that would be great. This is a huge bathroom walk in shower so the thought of attempting to polish the whole thing gives me bad dreams. Thanks for your help. Jim in Nashville TN
Jim M
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