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Originally Posted by Andy
the local Bldg. Dept. said........
First thing I would do is talk with your Bldg Dept folks about your shower plans. Goals/Topics for this discussion would be:

1. Approval of a Kerdi shower (have they ever heard of it, will they approve it, do you need to provide any documentation, etc)

2. Can they make a change to the order of inspection. Since it is not a "traditional" shower (sloped liner/hot mop/pan with mortar bed above) can they do the inspection at a later date. They'll still want to inspect your framing and rough plumbing before you button the walls up, but explain to them how a pan doesn't go in until after the drywall in a Kerdi shower. Where I live, I've gotten the Kerdi inspected as part of the lath inspection. Your mileage may vary.
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