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Thanks for the welcome and quick replies everyone! Sorry about the pics and thanks to Joe for adding the pictures afterward.

The tiles we are using are Eilane porcelain. We got them at Home Depot at $30 for 15 tile, not good quality stuff so they could very well be different sizes.

We are not sure what the installer used as the underlayment, will have to ask. We will also lay out some new tiles on our flat vinyl floor to see if it is the tiles that are causing the lippage, I don't believe it is all due to the tiles however, some areas were quite bad...

The gap between the tub and tile is around 2/8". Is this too large to be considered acceptable?

The installer did not pull the baseboard, but did pull the shoe. Should he have pulled the baseboard completely off?

Hey, although it looks like the tile you are using is pretty cheap, he should be able to deal with the difference in sizes by going with roughly 3/16" grout joint by snapping lines and fudging it out. The second to last picture is terrible.

Lippage appears to be around 1/16" which is within reason, but the guy didn't even pull the base,what's up with that? Is he putting in new shoe?

Should be okay by the tub after he caulks it.

Mind my asking what you're paying for this?
Hi Luke, my father seemed to have played around with the tiles tonight, I was not home and didn't have a chance to speak to him, but now the grout joints are a lot more consistent, ranges at around 1/8" to 3/16". The lippage is indeed around 1/16", with some areas at 1/8".

I am not positive on how much the contractor is charging (on the other hand, we have not paid yet so we definitely have leverage there), but it is at or near professional rate. It's not an instance where we asked our neighbour to tile our bathrooms for $100 as a favour.
I will find out tomorrow.

As mentioned before, my father seemed to have worked on the tiles today and the joints are now "okay", but there is still lippage over 1/16" in several areas and some of the tile doesn't "look" level (I didn't check it with a level, it's almost 4am as I'm typing this ) .
Now if the tiles are in fact not level and the lippage more than what is consider acceptable, will the installer have to ripped up the current tiles and start over or can he still work on the issues with the thinset, well, set?

Again, thanks everyone for your replies, info, and advice. We are very new to tiling so I suspect my folks didn't ask many questions beforehand, just the expectation that the floor would be pretty decent, level, and well, not crap.

P.S. Sorry if I used some incorrect tiling terminologies. Being a noobie and all.
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