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Smile Tile Problem

You can bust each tile with a small metal hammer, clean the area up on the surface and then reinstall the desired measured tile. I think the layout that your installer mapped out (if he did this at all) - is incorrect. n/w/e/s when mapped out correctly you should end up with a more substantial piece at the wall ends. This is not always the case, but you can narrow it down to maybe just one end as well that is not as noticeable as the other remaining wall ends. That is the first thing that I do as a professional high and remodeling craftsman, otherwise ~ the resaults of all the work you have done is not up to par.
Good luck and I think your problem can be resolved- you just have to decide what you would like to do. I have a proffesional 10" wet saw and I am able to cut 1/6" sliver from a tile with no problem so I think your contractor is trying to take the easy way out and really has no pride in his work ~ 1/4" cut is not a problem at all (as long as you have the write equipment) ~ I hope you get your tile problem fixed
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