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Tiling Front Porch

This is my first post -- just heard about this from another new member, and first and foremost, Thank You for having this forum!

Has anyone here tiled a front porch? I plan to do this, and currently I have regular 2-3 inch wood floors out there. Problem is that because of the type of house, it has no gutters and the rain water pours onto the wood and rots it very quickly. It IS pressure treated wood (I've replaced it twice in 6 years), it was stained, primed and painted for more protection, with no success. I want to tile the porch. Is it necessary to place a layer of 1/2" plywood On Top of the existing wood under the 1/4" backerboard before laying my tile? Is it okay to simply lay my backerboard on top of the existing wood floor and go from there (of course I will replace the rotted wood)? The issue I will have if 1/2 inch plywood has to be placed is that the floor will be too high for the front door to open.

PLEASE tell me it would be just fine to place backerboard right over the existing wood floors....!! Thank you so much for any suggestions you have.
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