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Usually the grout, if applied right will fill the void around the edges of the tile.

If you use too much mortar it will squeeze up through thethe areas that get grout.

Shape the grout???? What the hell are you doing? Use a soft grout float trile to spread the grout at angles to the grout lines.

I'm lost on the use of the grout bag thing. Never heard of that before. Sounds like a mess.

I usually clean the grout lines as I go with a hook blade carpet knife, while the thinset is still wet, and keep a sponge and a bucket of water near for any mess I make on the actual tile. After a day of set up, I go back with my hook blade and scrape out any thinset I missed while installing. Then take my shop-vac and clean up.

After spreading the grout as described above I let it set up for about 30 minutes, then with a sponge and bucket of clean water, I wipe down the tile and excess grout till it is clean. After about 2 hours time, or when the grout has set up fairly good, I buff the tile haze off with a clean towel.
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