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You probably can pick that grout out of the corners carefully. Might scratch the cabinet a bit if not careful enough. If it's cement grout it'll come off fairly easy, if it's epoxy some heat might help. I'd be worried about heat on the cabinet though, could damage it.

Is that the PVC plastic Schluter Jolly trim? If so you might be able to cut that top piece off with a knife or better yet oscillating saw. If you can get it off clean I'm sure you could make a nicer miter than that and glue a new piece of the tile trim onto the top (cut off the part of the tile trim that's meant to go behind the tile and then just glue the remaining piece to the tile edge.)

I think it's possible to clean all that up without removing a tile. It'll be finicky work though. And if it goes bad, your no worse off for trying. The removing a couple tiles option is still there.

They should have just ended the tile at the edge of the upper cabinet and done away with that miter altogether IMO
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