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How to fix this backsplash corner (with pictures)

We are on the final piece of our kitchen remodel and have had our contractor install the kitchen backsplash. Most of it looks great BUT the one corner most noticeable from the kitchen table area has several flaws. The schluter jolly miter does not look great(this may just be how that metal looks in the corners? Not what it looked like in the design book). However the 2 biggest issues I have are with the dark gray mark in the tile and the build up of epoxy grout in the corner (we are just going to paint touch up over the burnt mark on the cabinet). We asked him to come back and he "fixed" the gray mark by putting grout over it (which I have removed) and did nothing about the grout build up in the corner.

My questions:
1. Am I being picky? Does epoxy grout look like that in the corners normally? We had used epoxy grout in our bathroom and it did not.

2. Is it possible to take that one tile with the dark mark out and replace it? If so, how?

3. Is there a way to get a clean line on the epoxy grout in the corner?

Thank you - we really want to be done with this project but for the money we are spending, I would like to sit at the kitchen table and not see that corner!
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