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With 3/8 difference, it's probably worth spreading a layer of thinset along the top edge and letting it set up. I'd probably try to get 1/4 inch of thinset on there. That will make it easier when you go to set the V-caps.

Something I learned years ago, if you have solid stock wood on the front edge, leave a little space and put a bead of silicone behind the front of the V-cap. I'll explain. One of the first full countertops I did years ago had a wood front edge. I mudded the top and even used the metal edging made for a mud job. The metal edging has a space for mud on the face, about 1/4 inch thick. Within a few months the wood swelled enough to crack about 35 pieces of V-cap along the top edge. Since that job I have tiled countless countertops and island tops and I'll leave the v-cap's front edge away from wood or whatever is there about 1/8 and put a big bead of silicone on the front. You would think it would be easy to break but I haven't ever had to replace any and I have been back to some of these homes and everything still looks great.
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