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SHower Building 101??? what wall material

I am a newbie at tile work. I used to help my step father as a child, but now i must embark on this task my self.
I am building a shower that was left undone by an incompetent contractor. i have all the plumbing done. now i just need to build the shower.
i have read the forums on how to build the pan, and to have proper slopes.
but my main concern was; What wall material may i use? "Waterproof-drywall" or must i use cement board.
my tile medium will be Mosaics, 12 x 12 sheets.
i had a tiler guy come out to my house, and he told me that i may use the drywall, to give a better contour to the mosaic tile. so there wont be any bumps. he also said the job would be $2,500.
please help me out.
i have bought the books and have read the forums, but no one officially has addressed this question.
Drywall vs cement board.
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