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I think it kind of depends on the size of the Kerdi tray, Dave.

I believe, but can't find it in their literature, that Schluter uses the same thickness foam for many different sizes of their trays. Lets say 1" thick. So I believe there are two constants; 1) the thickness of the foam at the perimeter and 2) the thickness of the foam at the drain opening. If 1 and 2 are true then a smaller tray will have more slope than a larger tray (their offset drain tray, meant to replace a standard bathtub, is a whole different matter).

Call Schluter and ask them.

Minimum recommended/required slope is 1/4" per foot. Stones, due to their irregularity and copious amount of mortar, do not let water drain off as easily as do flat tiles with much less grout between them, so more pitch is a good idea. I've read here that when using flat pebbles like those 3/8" to 1/2" slope isn't a bad idea at all.
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