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Most jobs don't allow us time to cover the deck mud with plastic although it's good to do. I can't ever remember working over fresh concrete but I'm sure it will still have some moisture in it when you put down the deck mud. That will slow the setting of the deck mud a little. I think a lot has to do with how long the plastic is left down and how warm the house is. On some new construction jobs that doesn't have heat inside, deck mud can take several days to set enough to walk on.

Even if the house is well heated, I'd probably give the deck mud at least 2-3 days to set before trying to tile it. I just remembered you were talking about a membrane over the deck mud. In that case, you would probably have to let it dry out even longer.

One thing I always do is to slick down the deck mud with a flat steel trowel as I back out. That brings a little water to the surface giving it a hard crust on top. You'll have less eroding if you slick it down as you back out.
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