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Welcome, Paul.

I'd recommend against your plan. First, if you install that foam tray even before you install your wallboard you will damage it before you're done. Yes, you'll put plywood over it and you'll even cover that with something, but you'll still managed to damage that foam piece.

Second, using RedGard for your walls and attaching KerdiBand to that might work. Operative word is might. Far better plan would be to use Kerdi on both the walls and shower floor.

One of the features I like best about the direct bonded waterproofing membrane (Kerdi is one) shower construction methods is that I don't even need to install the drain until the ceiling and walls are waterproofed, tiled, and sometimes even grouted except for the bottom row of wall tiles. I can then install the drain, create a mud shower floor (far better than foam and properly sloped), cover it with the membrane and finish the shower.

But it's all entirely up to you.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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