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Does this shower wall construction work?

Hi all, I've been scouring this site for a few days and feel much more educated than before but I'd feel better asking my question directly.

I'm doing a 60" x 38" shower. I have everything down to the studs and subfloor. I have access all around the shower because everything is apart.

My goal is to have a 2" hexagon tiled shower floor and 3"x10" subway tile shower walls.

I've done 3 similar bathrooms at my old house, but this is now my next "forever" house so I'd like to do it correctly (it's also been 10 years) and some of the easily avail materials are new to me.

My plan is to use the Kerdi shower 60" x 38" shower tray. This would go stud to stud. I'd then attach Hardibacker above it (leaving a .25" gap all around). I'd mesh tape/thinset the Hardi/Hardi seams, leaving the bottom where the Hardibacker meets the shower pan alone for now. Then I'd Redgard the walls. Next, I'd use Kerdi band 5" waterproof strips around the bottom where the shower pan meets the now Redgarded Hardibacker. And then tile on top of that. Does that process sound like it'd work?

In the past, I never used Redgard, and would put up plastic mil behind the Hardibacker. I also used acrylic tubs in the past. I never noticed any problems before but I'm not positive I didn't miss it.

Thanks for the time!

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