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1. The tile industry guidelines (TCNA) call for the concrete to be "well cured" and dimensionally stable. Not sure exactly what they consider "well cured," but a lot of the shrinkage will depend upon the amount of water in the initial mix, whether or not your concrete was reinforced, whether it was wet-cured, etc, etc. Were it mine I'd consider it dimensionally stable after about 7 days.

Not sure where Laz is getting his data (perhaps he'll tell us), but concrete is usually considered fully cured after 28 days. It might actually continue to gain strength for a hundred years or so, but who's counting, eh?

2. The tile industry (ANSI A108) requires deck mud to cure for a minimum of 20 hours before bonding tile to it, but indicates that longer cure times of up to 10 days are desirable.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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