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Remove Dried Thin Set From Shower Pre-Slope

Gentlemen, I'm remodeling a small shower in a property I own. I built a new pre-slope for the shower out of deck mud and it came out perfect. The tile I'm using for the shower floor is a flat river rock in 13 inch by 13 inch sheets. I laid out the tile on the shower floor prior to applying thin set and made the necessary cuts to them and had everything perfectly aligned to the shape of the shower. I applied the thin set and started laying the tile, but when I got to about the 4th 13 by 13 sheet of tile I noticed that my alignments were slightly off. And then I did something really stupid. I picked up the first 3 sheets of tile I laid, and rather than scooping up and applying a new coat of thin set, I simply laid the sheets right back down. About 5 hours later it hit me how stupid that was. 24 hours later I checked the tile and sure enough those 3 sheets did not set in the thin set. I could literally just grab the 3 and pull them right off. The rest of the tile job is fine. So my plan is to remove the dried thin set in the areas of the tiles that did not stick and then do the job over again. Is there an easy way to remove this thin set? I've started scraping it off with a scraper but it's knuckle busting work. Just wondering if there's and easier way to do it. Thanks!
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