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Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice!

The slab is bone dry-no moisture issues.

I did the water test and it soaked it all up so I guess it is porous enough.

The laundry room is 8ft x 6ft and it has a slight slope to a drain in the middle of the room. The drain cover is 5"dia. and has a slope that starts about 2" out from the edge of the drain cover and down to the drain which is 3/4" from the floor.

I didn't realize the slop in the rest of the floor before until ss396 mentioned the requirements for large format tiles and I went to check it and found the slight slope.

So that means I'll have treat the tile as a shower floor sort of for tile size. No more large format tile!

The RedGuard or the Hydroban is something that I will use for the isolation membrane.

I appreciate the advice that I receive here because I consider the John Bridge Forum as the Gold Standard for advice that can be trusted.

Thanks again, guys.
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