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1. Dan, consider what your goal is here. When you switched to a direct bonded waterproofing membrane you created a need for the entire inside surface of your walls to be waterproofed. On the walls that stop above the tub's tiling flange, you must have a way to cover that gap and still have a continuous membrane on the wall. That's where the sheet membrane shows its colors. It can do that. I even recommend you give the membrane a bit of a wedgie into the gap to provide for extra movement accommodation.

On the back wall where the wallboard covers that gap, you have no need for anything other than the same direct bonded watrproofing membrane you plan to use on the rest of the wallboard. The movement accommodation is provided by the wallboard not being attached to the tub and the liquid-applied membrane, if that's what you elect to use, will be adequate.

If it somehow makes you feel better to have the Kerdi Band go all the way around the bottom of the wallboard, do that. It will also serve the waterproofing purpose there if that's what you wanna do.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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