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Originally Posted by ss3964spd
Where the backer abuts the apron of the tub - the leg, I'd be tempted to seal that joint with Kerdi Fix, but the little void you have (see pic below) will be a challenge. I'd probably cut a new piece of backer so most of that void is filled
Done (pic attached).

Up next, taping the sheets and niche.

I do have these questions:

1. If the poly is out, and redguard is in, the kerdi-band is in as well (for the CBU that is flush with the flange), right?

2. If the kerdi-band is back in, then back to the original question, do I need to apply it to the redguard'ed back wall where the CBU does overhang the flange?

3. Does the band go before or after redguard is applied?

4. Do you patch with thinset the CBU screws before applying redguard (like you would patch drywall screws sort of a thing)?
Either way, I will fill with thinset the prior CBU screw holes.

5. Previously when using poly, I only applied redguard to the niche's seams. Without poly, should redguard be applied to the inside of the ready made niche as well?

Thanks for the help
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