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Originally Posted by cx
And if you're gonna remove your wallboards, I'd recommend you remove the moisture barrier entirely and use a direct bonded waterproofing membrane over the entire interior of your walls and kill all the birds with that stone.
Yeah, I was thinking about how much I hate alcove tubs, and how poly doesn't seem ideal in a situation where there is space between the tub and the studs, the CBU doesn't overhang the flange, and you try and secure the tub to the studs.
In a previous remodel I trusted my ability to hang a sheet of nylon but didn't trust my ability to correctly apply the membrane. Since then I have applied it on a floor and a niche without issues.

1. If the poly is out, and redguard is in, the kerdi-band is in as well right (for the CBU that is flush with the flange)?

2. If the kerdi-band is back in, then back to the original question, do I need to apply it to a redguard'd back wall where the CBU does overhang the flange?
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