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As you can imagine, Kay, it's a challenge for any of us to assess the suitability of the concrete floor for a tile installation without seeing it. Nevertheless, there are some general rules.

Any previous floor coverings should be removed completely. If the previous flooring remains in one section, but not in others, there will be a difference in height. Perhaps the tile installer can compensate for that difference by adjusting the amount of thinset mortar under the tile but attempting to do so brings its own challenges.

If there is any loose flooring it must be removed.

Any adhesive left from the previous flooring must be removed. The adhesive will prevent the thinset mortar from bonding to the concrete, the tiles will come loose. Removing the adhesive is no easy task.

Tiling over existing tile can be done in certain circumstances but I've not read anywhere that tiling over vinyl or linoleum is acceptable.

It appears you have a lot going on there; water damaged flooring, some of the old flooring is still installed, adhesive remains where old flooring was removed. I'm sorry to say that none of this is good.
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