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Thanks for your help so far! Here are a couple of more pics of the subfloor in the kitchen and bath.

The house was built in 1976 and we’ve had it since 1986. Originally there was sheet linoleum or vinyl tiles in the kitchen, which may be the brown stuff in the very first photo I posted. We redid the floor 20+ yrs ago with the black-and-white sheet linoleum. Can’t recall if we took up the old flooring or what it looked like (house was empty for a long while).

I’m kinda stumped what the next step should be. Maybe take up a line of tiles to see how much linoleum they left underneath? The linoleum had some water damage from rain water coming in through the back door, so I’m a little worried about how secure it is.

Also I was wondering how should the concrete floor be prepped. Is it ready to go as is?

Thanks again for any advice you can offer me!
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