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Without knowing what's underneath in the layers, and, the specs on the supporting joists, the linoleum may be the least of your potential problems!

Often, they use a sheet of 1/4" ply underneath the linoleum, and that tends to be problematic. A house that old might have planks underneath all of that as well. The linoleum, unless cleaned really well, is likely to have some wax and other crud on it that, regardless of the thinset used, could create a bond breaker. Given a short time, the tile might just pop off if you tried. On a tile that large, it's hard to get full coverage underneath if you're not really careful and are using good technique (not evident here!). Prep is the biggest thing before putting down the finished layers.

Linoleum itself doesn't have any asbestos in it, the adhesive holding it down could, depending on how old it is.
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