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1. I would use thinset to bond the mud although for years we used portland cement and water. Portland is cheaper but thinset will bond better. For bonding with thinset, just spread the thinset (do not wet the slab)in the area you intend to cover just before placing the mud down. I usually use a 1/4 inch notched trowel for this. When bonding with portland and water, wet the area with water and sprinkle portland on the floor using a shovel or other tool and then sweep it in making a slurry. The portland will be more messy. Remember, whichever material you use, it's important that the thinset or portland slurry is still set when you place the mud on it.

2. I like Prolite (from HD) the best but The LFT Versabond (also from HD) is also good. The Prolite is more expensive. I'd probably use a 1/2 inch notch.

Here's the same pic of the patio that we leveled up so they could build a metal sunroom over it. You can see that I spread thinset down as I backed out, covering it with mud as I go.
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