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Hi and thanks CX. I was worried you might combine the different topics, and as we can see, the result speaks for itself. Having been a Mod for many a forum myself I understand the inclination to try to keep it "organized", but combining 2 completely different topics (advice on one, vs advice on another) didn't make sense to me that is why I posted a separate thread for it.

So of course, I am trying to decide between these 2 systems, not thinking of combining them, and was hoping to get some real world reports of people doing these things and their opinions on it, manufacturers aren't always right, that is why they eventually have many product or technique "updates"....

To clarify, it is my contractor who is going to use AD over Kerdi because he says this is what they normally do, and I already expressed the logic of why I agree with him above, and others who I have seen do similar things, given the channeling that can happen if submerged.

My original idea was to go with Hydroban since they have their own liquid membrane, and I called Laticrete about putting liquid Hydroban over exposed Thinset and while they said it is not required (of course) I also got their blessing to do it. My installer is willing to use Hydroban, but typically always uses Kerdi, so of course is more comfortable using Kerdi and I am not sure has ever used Laticrete. So this makes the decision a little tougher now.

As far as warranty, I think we all know the chance of getting one is probably 1%, so pretty much everyone is KMAGYOYO anyway as actual product failures are fairly rare and typically hard to prove

I agree about the moisture sandwich, its not something I am considering no matter which membrane or wallboard I go with.

PS - at this point I think it would be helpful to change the title to "Mapei Aqua Defense over Kerdi membrane seams (2" overlap exposed Thinset spots)", it appears I can no longer do it
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