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Steam Room waterproofing technical questions

Hi all. I did a fast search for this and did not find any results. Its going to be a steam shower application, mortar bed, Laticrete Sheet membrane and flange drain.

What do YOU do when installing this for bonding to the flange?

I've seen conflicting info for this, as the issue that some worry about is the adhesion of Thinset to a smooth PVC surface of the flange, and probably why Shuter put a fleece on theirs (which de-laminates if submerged btw...).

Options appear to be:

- Scuff the surface with fine sand paper and just use Thinset over the flange under the sheet membrane

- Scuff the surface with fine sand paper and put some liquid Hydroban on the flange first, then use Thinset over that and membrane over that.

- One of the above but no scuffing the surface

With a smooth surface delamination seems like a real concern over time

Thanks for your thoughts
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